• Try our items on in the comfort of your own home and create the PERFECT FIT FOR YOU.


    How it works:

    • Choose one or two products you are interested in. You can also choose the same garment in two different sizes (Home fitting is available for certain products only as we are still developing the service.)

    • While waiting for our fitting items to arrive, why not gather up a few friends who might be interested in multifunctional women’s clothing and invite them to try on the items as well?

    • Upon arrival, take your time trying the items on. Use the attached form as guidance.If you wish to place an order, fill out the form or contact us by email info@esdesign.fi.

    • Pack the items along with the colour charts and forms back into the bag. Stick on the attached address tag and drop the package off at the nearest post office. 


    We also include colour charts to help you find the right colour.

    Note that the items we send you are samples that are to be returned within 7 days. Should you wish to place an order, we will produce the item of your choice and deliver it to you according to our regular terms and conditions - at no extra cost.


    Handmade in Finland.
    The price includes VAT 24%.