In today's society, the lifespan of clothes is very short. For us at e/s design, joining the fast fashion industry where production is fast and cheap is simply not an option. Instead, we want to contribute to a sustainable, domestic clothing industry. 

This is why we strive to design clothes that can be adapted to body type, personality and occasion - items that can be worn over and over again for years to come. We set out to produce clothes that last, which in the long run is beneficial not only to your personal economy, but also to the environment. In short, we want to offer style, without compromising our values.


Our style is artistic, modern and vivid. We emphasize classic silhouettes with a touch of modern handicraft, together with qualitative materials, the right sewing techniques and smart constructions. We put great value into  traditional craftsmanship, where each product is made with love, but we want to develop our handicraft to fit modern society.



–  a Finn-Swede with passion for dressmaking,

construction and quality.

"Since I was a child, clothing, sewing and producing with my hands has been a passion of mine. After four years of design studies the dream of running my own business had only grown stronger. And now, here we are...

After some instructive years as a design assistant in Helsinki and courses in business, I founded the company e/s design in January 2012. The business started out as a hobby, but I always had my goal in mind - to work as a full time self-employee.


In 2016 I hade the guts to fulfill my dream and launched my own webshop.

Due to my interest in sustainable lifestyle and pattern construction, it was only natural that the business should focus on multi-functional women's clothing where quality, durability and versatility are far more important than current trends. Nevertheless, I live by faith that handcraft can and should be developed and adapted to the society around us, and I would describe my style as modern, versatile and clean.


Sewing atelier e/s design strives to create clothing that not only tell us something about your personality, but also lives and grows with you and work in practice without neglecting the aesthetics. "


Valssaamontie 30 A 11, 10410 Raasepori /SUOMI

”Adjust the clothes to fit your body, not your body to fit the clothes”

We believe in adjusting the clothes to your body, not the other way around.

By visiting us at our studio in Raasepori/FINLAND we are able to customize any of our designs and create the perfect fit for you, at no extra cost. On site we are also able to offer more color options.

All design work is done in our own studio in Åminne/Raasepori, Finland. So even manufacturing and wrapping of products. To prevent overproduction all our items are produced on a made-to-order service in the colour and size of your choice. The production time is thereby 2-3 weeks. If you have an upcoming event - please contatc us. We might be able to hurry your delivery.